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Canine & Equine Physiotherapy Training
CEPT was set up to fulfil a need as an alternative route for the education of veterinary physiotherapy students. CEPT provides an educational route for individuals wishing to qualify as veterinary physiotherapists, but who do not have veterinary or physiotherapy qualifications.

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We provide a sound and high quality education for individuals wishing to become veterinary physiotherapists (aka animal physiotherapists), and therefore to provide physiotherapy for animals needing specialist attention after injury, surgery, or for maintenance and support, including geriatric patients.

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CEPT offers two courses with the Advanced Certificate leading to an MSc in Professional Practice and a route to Doctor of Professional Studies. All courses are accredited by Middlesex University.

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The CEPT Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy is a two year course and successful completion of the course enables students to practice and provides the opportunity to progress to an MSc in Professional Practice, the course attracts 120 points at level 7.
The CEPT Clinical Educator’s Certificate is a university recognised qualification in Clinical Education for Veterinary Physiotherapists and related professions which deliver practical clinical training. Ideally applicants should be university qualified to level 6 in their profession, a minimum of one year in practice and have a keen interest in teaching both in the classroom and out in practice. The course consists of 200 hours of study including 4 weekends involving, theory, practical delivery and research. The course attracts 20 credits at level 7.
The CEPT Advanced Certificate In Veterinary Physiotherapy leads to an MSc in Professional Practice in Veterinary Physiotherapy.
For suitably qualified students who have existing Level 7 qualifications in addition to completing their CEPT Advanced Certificate, an opportunity exists for the award of a Doctor of Professional Studies (DProf) related to Veterinary Physiotherapy.
CEPT provides a service whereby particular course modules are presented as one day CPD events. These days are open to all, although numbers are limited. For some events a course fee will apply. Details can be obtained from drdcsomerville@aol.com


The courses are unique for the standard of qualification in that there are specific lecture weekends where you are taught with your peers. CEPT believes this achieves a higher standard and allows students to resolve queries directly with lecturers, and also generates being part of a group.

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Applications are taken all year for both courses. Interviews are held in May with a September entry point. Applications from May onwards may still be considered for a September start.